Insanitarium (2008/ENG) DVDRip | Size : 700 Mb

Hero Dzhessi Metcalf («Desperate housewives») deliberately plays madness for the sake of спасення sisters (Kiel Sanchez), got medical institute after unsuccessful attempt of a suicide.« Plausible »simulation opens to it a way to desired clinic. But, it having appeared in torture chambers, the guy"gets acquainted"with the doctor (Peter Stormejer,"Fargo") which fills with all and uses patients as laboratory rats – by means of preparations it transforms experimental into carnivorous psychopaths and blood-thirsty murderers. Tired out in a trap of a desperate labyrinth, it and the his sister should find an opening, yet not knowing mercy каннибалы have tracked down them … And the scent has considerably become aggravated!!!

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