Fifa 2009 Full [Rip] [ISO] + Manager Mode Crack (NoDVD)+TR yama_Multilinguinal
2 GB

Fifa2009 ISO Rip ve NoDVD olarak oyanaya hazır ve içinden hiçbir eksiltme yapılmamıştır. Test edildi..

Leave in the field and start to play professional football in FIFA Soccer 09 from EA SPORTS ™. The most realistic virtual football from EA SPORTS for PС will allow you to become the real professional. Game FIFA Soccer 09 for РС has been developed specially for this platform. The game kernel personifies all improvements reached during the last years, satisfying tastes even the choosiest admirers of football. FIFA 09 possesses new commands of management, are involved both the mouse and the keyboard. Now you can use the mouse for fulfilment Running, more exact transfers or powerful shoots for goal. Moreover, you can use the mouse for performance of deceptive movements (only 32 feints) and to play as the present star of football.

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