Urban Freestyle Soccer | PC | Genre Sport | Size: 192 MB

Traditional 11-a-side games have always fared badly next to the giants (Pro Evolution and FIFA Football), so it's brave of Acclaim to attempt something different with Urban Freestyle Soccer. Turning its back on venues such as Anfield, the Stadium of Light and Boothferry Park, UFS takes a "street" approach to the beautiful game, with four-on-four action that takes place in car parks, cages and other locations around the world.

In an effort to make the game hip, the rulebook has been tossed aside so no prior knowledge of the offside trap is necessary and an elbow to the face is positively encouraged as the game's rival gangs attempt to take the position of top dog by showcasing their superior football skills. As is common with many video game releases these days, the soundtrack consists of a collection of infinitely forgettable two-dimensional hip-hop-type tunes, plus one from the Queens of the Stone Age. Adding to the aural experience is a variety of repetitive insults designed to add a real-world feeling to the playing experience.

The control method for UFS is initially confusing. There seems to be a lot to do to carry off some of the more spectacular shots and passes. With experience however, comes the knowledge that it's actually quite straightforward to pull off the kind of manoeuvres that would make Ronaldo gasp in admiration. Graphically there's nothing to write home about here, everything is functional and it does what it says on the box but there's also nothing to really excite the imagination. True footy fans would be well advised to stick to Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA Football for their gaming satisfaction, though those looking or something a little different might find some salvation in Urban Freestyle Soccer.

- First-ever arcade street soccer!
- Sixteen teams each with home playing field and upgrade system ready to take control of the concrete jungle by any means necessary.
- Eight hard-hitting game modes including Street Wars, Versus Mode, Freestyle, Street Challenge, Training and Mini-Games!
- Over 50 players with individual catch phrases plus trick, combo and special moves.
- All-new Netbuster power-up for record-breaking high scores!
- Dynamic two-layered combo system to earn points for superior arcade sports gaming.
- Special reward system reveals unlocked features for extended replay value.

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